2014 Pic of the Week Cup - The winner is...

The inaugural winner of the Facebook Pic of the Week Cup is 100FgC A9 John McClure for his photograph of Blaenau Amateur, beating Lee Stewart's picture of the main stand at Horden CW in the final.

Winners in each round were; 

Round 1 - Billingham Town (Jon Blake)
Round 2 - Old Bradwell United (Peter Miles)
Round 3 - Corfe Castle (Paul Paxton)
Round 4 - Bury Town (Jack Warner)
Round 5 - Blaenau Amateur (John McClure)
(Most voted runner-up) Horden Colliery Welfare(Lee Stewart)
Round 6 - Clydebank (Joris van der Wier)
Round 7 - Harlech (Laurence Reade)

Horden CW beat Corfe Castle
Blaenau Amateur beat Old Bradwell United
Clydebank beat Billingham Town
Harlech beat Bury Town

Semi Finals 
Blaenau Amateur beat Clydebank
Horden beat Harlech

John wins an exclusive 100FgC cup, and if you would also like to own one of these fabulous pieces of crockery then please drop me an email or get in contact via our Facebook page.

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