Walk The 92

Christmas is a time for giving, with many people and organization donated towards the fight against cancer. Casinos across the US are going pink in support of cancer research with numerous pro athletes and celebrities donating their time and money in support.
People all over the world are doing what they can in the fight against cancer. Portsmouth FC fan Scott McLachlan is going a step further. McLachlan has quit his job and is currently travelling the countryside to raise money and awareness of prostate cancer.

Scott made a resolution late in 2011 that he would improve his personal life. He decided that he was going to get in physical shape and then embark on a quest that would have great meaning both personally and to the world.

As such, he quit his job in August and began to walk through England and Wales to visit the 92 football stadiums while raising money and increasing awareness about prostate cancer. His choice to visit football stadiums was done as a way to catch people's imagination and promote fan unity as he goes along.

During his travels, Scott will be put up by friends and football fans around the country. His journey will continue through the winter and Christmas and wrap up in the spring at Brighton & Hove Albion..

Scott's goal is to "walk the 92" stadiums over the course of 8 months and raise a minimum of  £92,000. He primary charity is Prostate Cancer UK which just happens to be one of Portsmouth's primary charities for the 2012-2013 season. Prostate cancer affects one in nine men and since football is a male dominated sport, it made sense that League One and Portsmouth FC partner with Prostate Cancer UK.

So far, Scott has visited over 30 clubs, including Manchester United. He is making a chronicle of his journey at walkthe92.co.uk and from there you can also find out how you can support him and his worthy cause.

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