Route 66

A new groundhopping book written by Squad #184 Michael Eardley is set for release next month.

Written under the name MJ Mowbray, Route 66 details Michael's quest to visit all 66 grounds in Yorkshire in one season.
To coincide with the book launch on 15th November, there is a website which will allow hoppers to record the Yorkshire grounds visited towards bronze, silver and gold membership of Club Route 66.
The book retails at £15.99 but pre-orders received before 8th November can take advantage of a special offer of purchasing a signed copy priced at £10((+£2 P&P to UK)
Contact Michael at to arrange payment and delivery. Best of luck!
Route 66 Blurb
At the start of the 2011 – 2012 season, Michael Mowbray embarked on his quest to visit each of the 66 football grounds in Yorkshire, all within a single season. 
From the depths of Step 7 of the Non League Pyramid to the dizzy heights of the Championship, Michael presents his adventure, which was much more challenging than simply watching 99 hours of football. 
You will hear tales of the hazards of extreme ground hopping including flying golf balls, blisters, endless drives in freezing fog and even missing children.
The story is a mixture of an unhealthy love of football, the diversity of Yorkshire and perhaps a small midlife crisis. Above all, it’s the story of a life changing experience.

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Unknown said...

Very excited and busy as not long now until Route 66 gets published. Pre orders coming in fast now. Thanks for your support! Michael