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The classic netty series continues with a couple of non-league bogs in Scotland.

No.24 The wooden curtain at Selkirk
This bog at Selirk's Yarrow Park is just a basic wooden cube, where you pee on a patch of grass hidden behind this timber shield. I tested out this bog and it was ok, although I wouldn't fancy using it if there was a big crowd, as regular usage could make that piece of lawn rather soggy and waterlogged.

No.25 The ones at Ballingry with a trough you can't piss in.
This bog at Ore Park, the home of Ballingry Rovers is quite spacious inside. The plumbing system inside however is a waste of time, as the brown plastic trough is full of leaves, this long piece of pipework mustn't have been cleaned, I'd say at a guess - during the 21st century.

Another two public convieniences for the collection, which gives these grounds added characters and the reason why we love to visit these non-league backwaters.

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Football Fan said...

Out of all the Football Grounds out there, the only one worth a mention from my point of view is Elland Road Stadium. Why, because it's on my doorstep and because it's the home of Yorkshire's Premier Football Club Leeds United. Nice blog btw.