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What better way to commemorate the 100FGC blog reaching a six figure hit last weekend then to honour the occasion with a couple of football ground public conveniences.

The continuous and endless Football Bog Blog, numbers 20 and 21 in a series of…

No.20 The one at Stourbridge This bog picture was sent in by Squad#10 Tim Rigby on his recent visit to Stourbridge’s War Memorial Athletic Ground. He described this toilet as ‘an ornate effort’ I think he meant this as visual description of the bog and not a euphemism for what you may have to do once inside.

No.21 The pair at Station View.

This is yet another one of those portakabin-type bogs, but this is the first time I’ve seen a matching pair for both ladies and gents. The facilities are found in the corner of Station View, the home of Harrogate Railway. These bogs are surrounded with quite a bit of shrubbery and undergrowth, which is handy if the toilets are busy as the bushes could be used as an alternative resource.

If you would like to contribute to the Football Bog Blog then please send any ground bog pics to the usual contact address.

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