News from 100FgC HQ

The membership of the 100 Football Grounds Club squad currently stands at 186. Any regular readers who have intended to add themselves to the ‘Roll Of Honour’ please do so as soon as possible as there's only 13 squad numbers left before membership reaches full capacity and closes.
The website has been going for almost 5 years now so I suppose anyone with an interest in ground hopping and joining this little organisation would have done so by now, nevertheless there’s still plenty of time to declare your interest, just email me at this address >>> 100FgC

As part of the 100FgC 5th Anniversary I had intended to try organising a squad get together at the beginning of next season, with Brighton as the destination and Albion’s new Amex Stadium as the obvious venue for a day of bevvy and football. However according to my south-coast correspondent, tickets will be like gold dust for the first few games as all season tickets have sold out with only about 1000 tickets available on a match to match basis.
I would still like to organise something to mark the blog’s 5th birthday, so if anyone has any suggestions then please contact me and we can hopefully come to some arrangement.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention a few landmarks achieved by the 100FgC squad over the last season.
Congratulations to #161 Michael Swaffield who completed the current ‘92’ at Chesterfield’s B2Net Stadium on 7th May and #152 Mark Chatterton who also achieved the set at Spotland on 23rd April. You can read about Mark’s achievement on his website -
Other credible mentions got to #34 David Poole, #130 Bill Hunter and #139 Sam reaching 200 grounds, #47&48 Julian and Joerg Liestner 400,#43 James Rennie 500, #16 Marc Wordehoff 600, #17 Patrick Haller 700 and #20 Ansgar Spiertz who has now seen football in 92 countries. (apologies for anyone I may have missed)

Last but by no means least, my heartiest congratulations go to #93 Dan Gooch and #139 Sam who are expecting the first ever 100FgC baby. The “bump” has already been to 28 grounds with more matches planned at the beginning of the season before the happy arrival at the end of August. I’m sure the rest of the squad would like to wish Sam & Dan all the best on this special occasion.

My travel plans for 2011-12 are looking rather limited and few and far between but I’m confident that I’ll finally finish ‘The 92’ and reach the 300 mark sometime next season, so until then enjoy the brief football free break and the rest of the summer.


Andy said...

Great work this season, mate - and this blog continues to impress.

As for a about at Birtley Town on July 9th for Northern leagues United. There are already 4 members of the club who are actually playing that day (myself, Michael Hudson, Ian Cusack and Stuart Fuller).

Details here:

Other than that, I'm still to formulate my plans beyond August (with the exception of the EFW Oktoberfest in...errrmmm....October so happy with any other suggested dates.


Shaun said...

Cheers Andy.

I'll keep yourself and the rest of the squad updated on further developments.

Tims 92 said...

Sounds a good idea. Probably best to look at a Conf/Conf N/S venue as a lot of people would have done most in the 92 (you'll never find one ground no one's been to, but more chance at that level I'd have thought).

Somewhere in the Midlands, and even the possibility of a double would help increase turnout.