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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a regular visitor to your site as I work my way up to 92. Have put a link on mine and wondering if you might return the favour

David said...

Really good read, I wish I had the time to visit more grounds (2 year old puts a damper on that though!)

Keep up telling us about your travels :)

I'm hoping you get to Newport to finish the 92!

Yours in Sport


Anonymous said...

Nice website.
Writing is a passion and sport is life!

Chris Marsden said...


I love the site; the idea of visiting local clubs is serious dedication. I feel that I am in my infancy only visiting and writing about a few grounds. It would be good to see what you think about my reviews as I’ve travel Europe watching some interesting games. Maybe you can put a link to my page. Check my stadium Review page -

Good Look

Chris Marsden

Michael said...

My greatest ground - bagging endeavours have probably been Junior ( Non League ) in Scotland.

Two recommendations; Linlithgow Rose & Auchinleck Talbot - though you might have received these from others !

royston said...

You're clearly bonkers - but bonkers in a great way!
As one of those, who attended that 1977 Cup Final your latest epistle brought back loads of memories.
I try to visit Ladeside every now and again although I no longer live in the area so here's hoping they can add to their two Cup wins this year.
As for looking forward to a bevvy in Glasgow in future you should know by now that Glaswegians dont drink so you'll need to stick to pies and bovril....

Anonymous said...

Great read for non-league football fans and club members getting recognition for what they do. You should try and get up to Wooler FC game. Football isn't fantastic at the moment, but the 'crack' from the sidelines is something to remember.

davidone71 said...

Hi , fantastic website , i'm an Italian groundhopper , Genoa CFC 1893 supporter . I visit stadiums empty too , i've a total of 547 stadiums visited , 170 with a game . But i have not again a my blog .
Davide from Genoa

Brian from Boro said...

Hi Shaun
Was fortunate to meet you at a Northern Alliance game some years ago and just bought your JOONS book!
Wish you every success with it and sad to say have not done many matches since due to ill health!
Thank you for your kindness that day at Chilton if my memory is correct and enjoy visiting the website viewing your exploits around the grounds!
TOP BLOKE FOR A GEORDIE and just to finish by saying my team Plymouth Argyle is currently making me pull what's left of my barnet to shreds!
North East Pilgrim

Richard@Shrews said...


I am doing a bit of promo about the Safe Standing and Shrewsbury crowd funding campaign - helping bring safe standing back to England and Wales.

I thought it would be interest to yourself and followers.

The campaign rewards include a chance to win tickets and a unique tour of B Dortmund. It would be great if you could have a look and spread the word. - not just about the Dortmund tickets but what the campaign is about. You can find out more @

Anonymous said...

Can you put Leatherhead on the map please?

Stuart Latham said...

Ground Update for you
511. Flixton Village ( Manor Avenue, Sale)
512. Govan Athletic (Platts Lane, Fallowfield)
513. Govan Athletic ( University Sports Ground, Manchester)
514. FC Sporting Sale ( Sale Sports Club)
515. Timperley Volcanos (Beech Avenue (Timperley)
516. Unicorn Athletic ( Smiths Field, Timperley)
517. Altrincham Hale (Beech Avenue, Timperley)
518. BroadHeath Central (Navigation Road, Altrincham)
519 Chapel Town ( Rowton Sports Ground, High Peak
520 Belper United (Spondon)
521 AFC Quarry ( Altrincham Sports Club, Timperley)
522 Solihull Moors (Damson Park)
523 Dinamo Saint Petersburg
524 Zenit Saint Petersburg
525 Birmingham City Ladies FC ( Blossomfield Campus, Solihull)
526 Flixton Juniors ( Harboro Road, Sale)
527 Birmingham City Ladies FC ( Tudor Grange, Solihull)
528. Colney Heath FC ( Recreation Ground)
529. Jaguar Landrover FC ( JLR Solihull)
530. Chepstow Town
531. Newport City
532. Pontypridd Town
533. Port Talbot Town
534. Wokingham and Embrook ( Lowther Road)
535. Basford United

Terry said...

There never was a Newmarket pub in Redcar in 1972, the club was named after my road - Newmarket Road, Redcar, TS10 2HY