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... is the original ground logging website. (est.2006)

Heed Hopper is Shaun Smith's Groundhopping blog with reports and pictures from over 700 different football grounds. Please use the Football Club Index in the side panel for a list of featured clubs >>>  
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Shaun said...

Original "Guest Book"
Angelis said...
Nice field!

6:44 PM

Big Al said...
Oi Oi!!

11:49 AM

windymelons said...
Very impressive sm1d but your not the messiah your a very naughty boy!!!

5:18 PM

Robbo DFBFC said...
Good n Interesting. Keep it up Private Smith.

9:48 PM

Private Clifton said...
Excellent work Private Smith keep up the good work.Looking forward to visiting some more grounds with you? Kendal Town next?

8:51 PM

bdfytoday said...
Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

Anonymous said...

Once you visit this site it becomes an instant favourite and its nice to have a different perspective on our local non -league teams seen from the eyes of a true football fan.
Well done ,

Heed Army said...

Fantastic Blog, i Admire your style in saying about all the Grounds you have been to.

I myself have been to about
pagate rangers
stalybridge celtic
blyth (i'd rather forget that place though)
shouth shields
runcorns old ground
Anfield plan
birtly town
hyde utd
bamber bridge
osset town
cambridge utd
billingham town
billingham synth
hordon coll
bishop auckland old ground (kingsway)
dunston fed
queen of the south
durham city
chester le street
radcliffe borough
farsley celtic
newcastle blue star
newcastle utd
thats 47
there is a few more but i cant think.

Heed Army said...

ok i did add them all up write, that isnt 47 lol. but you can see ive been to a few.

Shaun said...

best4chance said...
Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

11:09 PM

Shaun said...

steelboy28 said...
Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

skif said...

Looking good, sir. Have established a feed, look forward to reading more

DECKAT said...


Anonymous said...

Champion mate....So many grounds, just as well you've got an understanding missus!

john m said...

well done smid ,spent hours reading and looking on other links, your site knocks spots off more established sites.
once again well done mate.
john m

Anonymous said...


Very nice site! But its time you come to Germany :-)


Anonymous said...

bit late in coming but here it is great site smid from many birthdays

Goody said...

Hey Private Smith!

Love the Web site mate!

I can name one ground where I know you wont have been. I visited it earlier this year during my tour in Iraq on OP Telic.

I never actually seen a match played there, I just passed it on patrol!

The "AL SHAAB Stadium" in Baghdad. Its a wierd place Iraq as parts of it dont even look like they have been effected by the war. The ground has a 45,000 capacity! I dont think you would want to visit it though Private Smith, the place is a shit hole, never mind being dangerous!

See you at the next heed game!

Paul Goodfellow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shaun,

very nice site: a good idea indeed, great "picture of the month" (I truly love Eastern european floodlights!), interesting insights into minor league grounds in England and amusing pictures of past haircrimes. Thank you for letting me join your club!

Best regards from Munich

Anonymous said...

Brilliant site!!!!

Cheers from Serbia

chevblue said...

Greetings from Suffolk. You can find my list of grounds here:

Matt Le Ross said...

Great site for sad groundbaggers like myself!

gavin said...

morning beeky

Pieman said...

Shaun - this is my blog. I do have a list of grounds on a word doc but have not counted (a few hundred though). If you look at my Morpeth Town post from last season you will see that I met your member no 26 - Alan Price. Smashing bloke, he gave me a lift back to Newcastle after the match. Regards to Alan if he is reading this.

Simple Pieman

Maxe said...

where to the hell is the "guestbook"? Whatever...
If it is a profit to add me to your list, feel free. but I prefer, if you link my mainsite-adress and not only the groundlist.
so... see you on the grounds of the world.


Anonymous said...

pretty good side!

greets from austria!

Maxe said...

all right man, good job. Thanks for that. Location is Nürnberg, Germany.
best wishes and a nice weekend

Anonymous said...

well done smid well written should be writing for a living look forward to joining yoiu on the bell vue trip not the one on the fell but we could call in on the way back jimmy

Anonymous said...

greets from Frankfurt. This is a very nice Site. In your Report about the Commerzbank Arena (for us it is still the "Waldstadion") you asked why our fan banners hang upside down. The reason is as follows. There are lots of supporters that had been punished by the offizials with a stadium ban because of dubios reasons. That's why many other Fans are showing solidarity with the punished guys and hang the banners this way.

Sorry for the bad english :-)

KiRsTy said...

Hey, well done true journalism :P lol see ya soon daddykins :)

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Went to see Margate at Ashford Town(Middx.) recently. Awful place, just a few hundred yards from the south runway at Heathrow

Anonymous said...

nice groundlist. greetings from germany

Anonymous said...

give us credit we came 3rd bottom of the division in 1960 not bottom!most unjust re-election ever.
great site

fitba daft said...

Hello there. Excellent site. Hope to be able to reach the 100 club soon but still a bit off. I am in the early stages of setting up my own blog. If you fancy a look it can be found at

fitba daft said...

Thanks for the link and for having a look at my site. Im slowly getting it up and running!

Anonymous said...

Shame you were too drunk to really appreciate San Mames (La cathedral). Aupa Athletic!

Local Bus Driver said...

Top site.keep up the good work.I have you on a link and read every weak.Thanks for putting my blog on your site.yours...Local bus driver. P.S. after your item on good toilets,the Worse stadium toilet goes to Boreham wood. A real S***hole.Nasty.

Anonymous said...

Cool blog Smith Man

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Good to meet you boys last Tuesday at North Ferriby.. another good win for you today... all being well should catch up next week at Matlock.... Seadogs on Tour

Anonymous said...

The Low Fell Elvis says: Nice one for the mention in the Matlock match report!

Keep up the good work smithy!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many "hits" there have been on my web site since you "plugged" it! Your site has been the top referrer over the past 30 days, even beating Google! I have been getting hits from all over the world!

Michael said...

Stumbled across your site the other day - great stuff! I reckon I've been to 94 grounds, including a couple that have since been knocked down. 100 by May?

Shaun said...

Glad your doing well in the 'hit parade' Keith. ;-)

Michael get in touch when you reach your ton. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Smid, given the summer is likely to give you some time off and now there are 100 of us, can you tell us how many grounds we have collectively visited, current and defunct ?

Shaun said...

If I find a window in my schedule, then yes, a good idea, if you have any spare time then you could maybe do it and send me the details. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The new season has begun, 9th July and a new ground, Park View Road for Welling United 0 Charlton 1 in the pouring rain. Welling played 26 players during the game, a new record for me !

goooooood girl said...

i like......

KEV.C. said...

Brilliant blog, great photo's, let me know if you decide to go to a Scarborough Athletic game, could maybe meet, our standard of play will surprise you.
All the best

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!!
I'm up to 90 so far (Southport v Boston United on Saturday will be 91) , so I should hit 100 in December!


my list can be found here.

Lode Broekman said...

Hi, great site! I am the administrator of a Programme Covers gallery, which can be found at If you like to add items to this gallery as well, please let me know. Thanks!
Lode Broekman,

ryan said...

Hi :)
I think you site is great and I enjoy reading all your football ground reports.

I am going to put a link to your website on mine and was wondering if you could put my link on here in return

Ryan :) said...

Happy New Year 2010.

Logic Midi said...

Just like to say that I love reading your football ground posts, very interesting!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Great site matey, top notch. Good to see you at Macc,can't believe we didnt stop off for chips and gravy though! Catch you soon I hope.

Graham Precious said...

Excellent blog on Grimsby's last game............. it was great fun apart from the result!
It's fantastic that we can (all)watch football together without getting into bother.

Member 88 Graham Precious
aka 'My Precious Grimsby'

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic web site, I hadn't come across previously in my searches!
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Dangerous is the word!

Unknown said...

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David said...

Great Blog Smithy.

wizard said...

Well then, what about Penallt?

That's Llanelli's home ground (West Wales). We're the West Wales version of the Steelers!

I did once go to a real needle match - Russia v Hungary at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. I forget what the foul count was...BIG


Lourdes Osorio said...

Hi, new blog on Spanish Football, will you spread the word? Thanks!

David Pereira said...


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Pat said...

cool website

Robert Gaspar Majestic said...

Nice to know that you are making clubs for a lot of football fans all over the world. Is everyone free to join? I really want to join to clubs like that and I'm so excited to be part of your club. Good luck.

kris said...

Shaun I would love to know if you are on mateball and if you blogging there? My blog is under Football Blog and I will follow U if you just let me know your nick please. Thanks Kris

Shaun said...

I don't Kris, but thanks for reading.

gurpreet said...

very nice post . thanks for sharing your blog is very nice .

Clubtray Football said...

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Nick said...

Hi Shaun, just discovered your site and have to say that your commitment to visiting grounds appears to be unrivaled on the web! I'll be lucky to complete the 92 myself! Keep up the site, Cheers Nick :)

Unknown said...

Great review on New Western Park. We are all very proud of it. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Renfrew.

Unknown said...

Shaun please up date my list on Affiliated list A31 . Now on 173 Cheers

Jack Warner said...

Hi again Shaun, please add the following grounds to my list:
Burton Park Wanderers - Latimer Park, Smithswood Firs - The Glades, Cheletnham Town U18 - Cheltenham Town Training Ground, Bishop's Cleeve - Kayte Lane, Coventry City U23 - The Alan Higgs Centre - Shortwood Utd - Meadowbank, Tonbridge Angels - Longmead Stadium, Aslockton & Orston - Orston Recreation Ground, Shipston Excelsior - London Road, Boldmere St Michaels - Trevor Brown Memorial Ground, Bloxwich Town - Old Red Lion Ground, Birmingham County FA - Ray Hall Lane, Redditch Borough - Mettis Sports & Social Club, Alcester Town - Stratford Road, Ellistown - Terrace Road, Desford - Sport in Desford, Highfield Rangers - Gleneagles Avenue, Sileby Town - Sileby Sports Club, Castle Donington Cobras - Moira Dale Playing Fields, County Hall - Thurlaston Sports Club, Bracknell Town - Larges Lane, Bedfont Sports - Bedfont Recreation Ground, Leicester Road - Leicester Road Stadium

According to my records my total is 869 (unsure where you got my total as being 902 from?!!)
Can you also amend my details that I now live in Nuneaton.
Cheers matey

the groundhog said...

Hi Shaun,
Hope you're keeping well? I have noticed that you've been roughly 100 ahead of me for a few years! Just to let you know I'm now on 521. My 500th was very inauspicious - a midweek trip on my todd to Studley. Booked a ticket for Dumfries on 15th Sept for Queen of the South. Let me know if you're down my neck of the woods this season.
Cheers, Dave.

Tubbsy said...

At last count I'd been to 127 different grounds ranging from Sapporo to Gas Rec in Colchester!
Did Gateshead when Colchester were in the Conference, seem to remember buying a Spartak Moscow badge in concourse, bit random!
What do you need from me to join this wonderful group?
I am on your facebook group already.
Gary Tubb - Col U & England fan

Unknown said...

hi Melvyn Shaw reporting in Ground number 221 home of 860JLC a new club in the Central Midland League Division 1 North a pre-season friendley v Brigg Town Reservers full time 3-3 att:60ish

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