Football Fanzine Awards

The 100 Football Grounds Club is now short listed in the New Football Polls Fanzine Awards - Blog Category.
Many Thanks to everyone who showed their support by voting, this means it’s now down to the final 9, I’ve had to send three pieces of work to showcase the blog and then it’s up to the judges to decide on the winner, here is the list of the final nominations;

Again, huge thanks for all your support, especially the person who nominated the blog in the first place and brought it to the attention of the Football Fans Census (whoever you are let me know, I owe you a pie and a pint)


Anonymous said...

As one of the other blogs nominated, I'd thought I'd look at the various other blogs nominated. I'd say this is a great one: Both in content and style; and also in what you're trying to achieve, which is more than just focus on the activities of one particular club!
Best of luck

fitba daft said...

Well done Mr Smith!

Stevie C said...