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Great Stadia Toilets no.6 in a series of...
The ones at Nantwich with the felt pen sign.

This football bog resided at Jackson Avenue, which up until the end of last season was the home of Nantwich Town.
This toilet is the basic concrete wall edition, which thanks to the help of a decent black magic marker let’s you know its purpose.
The top picture was captured by David Poole (100FGC squad no.34) when he visited the ground for his Groundhog site, you can read his review here

The bottom picture was snapped by Tim Rigby (100FGC squad no.10) which he says brings a new meaning to writing your name in the snow, or to put it another way piss holes in the snow, you can read Tim’s visit on Tims92 here.


Anonymous said...

whats the bog part mean??

Shaun said...

Bog is a slang word for toilet, like nettie, shithouse, crapper, john etc. etc.