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Blog post updates
I've updated some previous posts which only had pictures,and didn't have any of my usual crack about whatever is relevant to the ground itself. So I've made changes and updated the Consett Chester-le-Street Town and South Shields posts,I've also updated the previous sunderland 'Derby Day' post as well, where I go into great detail about why I despise this fixture more than any other,all links are now in 'My Matchdays'

Famous HeedArmy Blog
A big well done to David Gaddess webmaster of my 'cousin site' The Famous HeedArmy whose website has been recieving hits from all over the planet,wanting to know the latest goings on at Gateshead FC and the latest adventures (and mug shots) of the Heed Army.
Davy asked if I would make a contribution to the site and write a piece about the first time I ever saw Gateshead play,I was happy to oblige...

100FGC Members
Some impressive new members to the blog over the last month,including Steve Dobson(aka Simple Pieman) a Spurs fan who has been to 461 in the UK alone including over 300 non-league grounds,he also has his own blogspot that you can find on my links list called 'Pie & Mushy Peas' There's also a few new ground lists from non-league fans(best fans in football,in my eyes)Leatherhead fan Matt Ross and Mossley supporter John Cawthorne.I'd also like to welcome Stefan Schnell an Eintracht Frankfurt fan who has been a great help to me in preparation for my trip to his fine country for the UEFA Cup clash later this month.

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