New Year's Honours List

The 100FgC 2017 Accolades

*Best Match Attended*
Newcastle United U-18 3-5 Tottenham Hotspur U-18
FA Youth Cup QF, 27th February

*Best Goal of the Year*
Coutinho for Liverpool away at Newcastle
1st October

*Favourite Previously Uncharted Senior Ground*
Gayfield Park - Arbroath

*Favourite Previously Uncharted Non-League Ground*
Gander Green Lane - Sutton United

*Best My Matchday*
Yoker and Ashfield (Glasgow Beano)

*Best Pre/Post-Match Bevvy*
Imperial Brewery Tap - Mexborough

*Silver 'Spoon Award*
Old Unicorn - Bramley

Bit of a struggle to pick a best of this year, not even a 'Scabby-eye of the Year' award giving for 2017. :(
Last year's winners

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