✖ Camp Municipal de Futbol

S.D. Portmany (Ibiza)

SD Portmany were formed in 1923 and play in the Regional Preferente de Ibiza y Formentera, which is the fifth level of football in the Balearic Islands.
I wasn’t expecting to see any football while on holiday in Sant Antoni.  I was aware that the divisional play-offs take place in June, with the new season due to start in September, so they are right in the middle of the post season.
However, I still had a deak at the stadium, to take some photos and make you aware of the club, which is easy enough to find, next to the town’s bus station. So, if you're on holiday in Ibiza and you can tear yourself away from the boozer or the foam parties, then this is one of several clubs and decent grounds on the island.

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