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One of the best things about being on holiday, apart from having lots of spare time to indulge in my favourite pastimes (ie sun, sea, sex, beer and good bait) is having plenty of time to reflect. On my recent holiday in the Algarve I got thinking about this blog, which has now been on the go for over nine years, featuring over 400 different football grounds. 

When I first started writing about my ground visits the website was quite unique, with just a few fellow Groundhopping bloggers, like Steve Dobson, Tim Rigby and David Poole who contacted me to swap links, as they were also covering the hobby in their own style.
Nowadays the internet is flooded with similar sites so much so that readers are spoilt for choice, with my own efforts probably not as good as other blogs around.

So in short there will be no more reports in the usual 'My Matchday' form. However I will still be logging my ground visits but in a more simple format, although I'll probably will do the odd 'My Matchday' post if I experience an eventful day which is worth sharing. 

As most of you are aware I'm currently halfway through writing a book which I'm hoping to get published next year on Scottish Junior football, so all my literature skills are now fully focused on this project.


Nigel Gibb said...

Shaun, thanks for all you have done so far. I found your site to be interesting and the ground and town reports to be well worth the read.
Good luck for future projects.
Nigel Gibb, Middlesbrough.

Pieman said...

Great stuff Shaun - like Nigel I look forward to new stuff from your good self.