463 Dimotiko Stadio

My final new ground of the season was on the Greek island of Zante, whilst I was out there celebrating the 50th birthday of my old friend Lynn Ainscow. Unfortunately for the second occasion this season I lost my camera, so the superb set of foetoes I took at the match are lost forever, not unless I hear of news of its whereabouts from APS Zakynthos FC. 
As you can imagining I’m total gutted to lose not only the ground pictures but the highlights of a terrific week in Zante. This huge disappointment means I’m not going to write a My Matchday blog report, so the story of my two trips to the ground with Nikos the taxi driver will have to remain untold….for the time being.

However I do have one picture of the Dimotiko Stadio which I took on my phone to post on Twitter…

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