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During my travels this season there has been a lack of uniqueness in the bog department, many ground seem to have installed those portakabin-bog-on-wheels-type lavatories.
In spite of this many clubs have made the most of these temp netties, by putting their own stamp on the bogs, making them a bit more distinctive.

Bog#14 Christie Park - Morecambe.
This bog is a perfect example of a temporary toilet, with its scaffold hand rail and wooden plank walkway. This toilet is behind the Car Wash Terrace end of the ground and looks more likely to keel over if a gang of oversized pie munchers congregated together on one side.

Bog#15 Croft Park - Blyth
Compare this with the last picture at Morecambe, this is much better, painted in Spartans green and white, with a proper hand rail and metal pathway, this bog is found at the corner of the Plessey Road End terrace, a fine example of making the most of a bog cabin.

Bog#16 Haig Avenue - Southport
These toilets in the corner of the away terrace at Haig Avenue have also been painted in the club colours, which blends this bog block in with the rest of the ground, although it’s definitely in need of a fresh coat of paint to complement the sunshine yellow crash barriers.

Bog#17 Crown Ground - Accrington Stanley
This is a rarity for The Football Bog Blog - a Ladies toilet. These bogs at the Crown Ground’s away end, have a normal brick building for the Gents, but the ladies toilets have a portkabin added beside them. It’s as if no women went to watch football at the ground and toilets were nothing but an afterthought, added due to popular demand.

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