Ground Image Of The Month

This month’s image is quite a disturbing one featuring a dead floodlight at Sealand Road, the home of Chester for 84 years.
The Stadium, Sealand Road was the clubs third home after moving from Whipcord Lane in 1906 after originally playing at Faulkner Street when the club was founded in 1885.
The floodlights were installed in 1960 and the picture shows the ground in process of being demolished in 1992, after the clubs owners controversially moved out two years earlier, when the ground was refused a safety certificate for its away standing areas, which meant a reduction in capacity and a loss of revenue.
Chester City spent two years ground sharing with Cheshire neighbours Macc at Moss Rose until moving in to the new Deva Stadium in 1992, but to true City fans Sealand Road will always be ‘The Seals’ spiritual home.

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