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Great Stadia toilets No.9 in a series of.............loads!
The ones at Matlock with the forbidden wheelie bin inside.

The toilets at Matlock’s Causeway Lane ground look quite neat, being a small grey building tucked away in the corner of the ground, facilitating the needs of Ladies and Gents as well as a disabled toilet.

When I had to pay a visit to the bog, for convenience I staggered into the vacant disabled toilet and was astonished to find a big wheelie bin lodged next to the pot, not only was it a bit daft to have this monstrosity inside the building, but on the lid of the bin I was informed via a slap of white paint DO NOT USE, TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME, so a bin in a bog that your not allowed to use….why? …..answers via email at the usual address.

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