Ground Image Of The Month

One football city divided by one street,only 100 yards seperate the 'Dark Blues' from 'The Tangerines' on either side of Tannadice Street,parts of the grounds also share Sandeman Street.
Although Dundee are the oldest club in the city it was Tannadice which first hosted football in 1879,when it was the home of East End FC,and later Dundee Wanderers,under it's previous name of Clepington Park.
In 1909 the ground was then renovated and renamed Tannadice Park and taking over by Dundee Hibernian,who later were to become Dundee United in 1924.
Dens Park opened in 1899 when Dundee FC moved from their previous residence at Carolina Port,the two grounds are the nearest rivals in football,with the only other senior clubs whose football grounds are closer being Budapest clubs MTK and BKV Elore,whose stadiums are back to back.
The current capacity of Tannadice is 14,209 while Dens Park currently houses 11,856.

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Huddo said...

Why oh why do teams in this country not groundshare!

It doesn't make any rational sense, does it. Still, neither does driving 200 miles to watch Hyde United lose...