My Matchday Pics 2006 -116 - Nethermoor Park -Guiseley

Guiseley v Gateshead
F.A.Cup 2nd Qualifying Round

30th september 2006
(score 1-0 att.402)

I took myself along with the wife and kids(or should that be dragged the wife and kids)down to Guiseley in West Yorkshire to watch Gateshead's progress in the F.A. cup come to a premature end.

Guiseley is a town on the outskirts of (dirty)Leeds and is famous for the foundation of Harry Ramsden's chippy empire where he set up "The worlds biggest fish & chip shop" it was also the place where the parents of the Bronte sisters were married(and propably consummated)in Guiseley, and of course, most important of all, it's the birthplace of Sooty!

Nethermoor is a smart little non-league ground,it's basically made up of a seated stand situated along one third of the touch line,ajacent is a standing area which has two seperate covered stands with an open terrace in the middle behind the dugouts.Behind each goal is a small open terrace which is close to the pitch,this is good if you want to give the keeper some stick,the Guiseley keeper saw the funny side with our chants of "There's only one Bobby Davro"

The game was a typical cup tie, and was finally balanced until a late defensive error let in Guiseley to snatch victory and a place in the 3rd Qualifying round,and another step away from facing one of the big lads. Arrre! the romance of the F.A. Cup,who the hell came up with that expression? It's a phrase that throughout the years I've grew to dislike because my football romances end with a broken heart. :-(

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