Odyssey through the Alphabet

Following on from 100FgC Squad #1 having a book published this year,(that’s me by the way) another one of our merry band of ‘hoppers has followed suit. One of my former travel companions and a star of many of my old blogs (along with his other half) has written a gem, an incredible idea and a groundhopping challenge, that I’m extremely jealous of. (wish I thought of it first)

Odyssey through the Alphabet is a football adventure from A to Z. A journey to visit a different football club and a new ground in order of the alphabet, all achieved in a season long quest.
As someone who understands how difficult it is to get the public interested in your publication, having released “a cult classic” rather than a best seller this year, I’m only too pleased to give my fellow author a plug, so please show your support by checking out this Amazon link with details on how to purchase the book ... here

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