New Year's Honours List

The 100FgC 2016 Accolades

*Best Match Attended*
Newcastle United 4 Norwich City 3
28th September
Youtube link - 

*Best Goal of the Year*
Paddy McLaughlin
Gateshead v Dover
8th October
YouTube link (goal at 2:30)

*Favourite Previously Uncharted Senior Ground*
Camp Nou - Barcelona
21st September
Blog Link

*Favourite Previously Uncharted Non-League Ground*
Townshead Park - Cumnock Juniors
28th July
Matchday  link

*Best My Matchday*
FK Viktoria Stadion - Viktoria Žižkov
Prague Weekender

*Best Pre and Post Match Bevvy*
Ye Olde Thirsty Pig - Maidstone

Silver 'Spoon Award
Velvet Coaster - Blackpool
Matchday link

*Scabby-eye Award
Chicken & Haggis pie - Beith Juniors
Matchday link 

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