2009-10 Epi-log

Thanks to everyone who has logged on and kept in touch with my shenanigans throughout the season, with special thanks to the members of the 100FgC squad who accompanied me on my travels during the course of the season.

The Boring Stats
Matches Attended 79
Goals 213 (Average 2.69)
(including 18 1-0’s)
New Grounds 39
(FL 14 NL 21 Scot 3 Scot NL 1)

This season I’ve mostly been liking -
Gateshead staying up
Newcastle going up
Ian Patrick’s tireless driving
Chris Hughton
Andy Carroll’s goals and locks
Gateshead’s new ground plans
East Coast Trains
Pies at Glossop
The Football League Show
Wetherspoons tours
GBG recommended pubs
Bay in the Vase
Pies at Penrith
Torchy Travel
Dundee weekend
Reunion in Macc
Rutherford and Percy Main both promoted
The City of York
Tower Power
The rants of a Grimsby fan
Joy Division Oven Gloves (in the charts)
Press passes
100FgC - WSC award winner

This season I’ve mostly disliked -
Stewards at Ice Station Broadwood
Mansfield coin throwers
Mansfield brick thrower
Chester City’s demise
Cardiff fans in Toon
Match of the Day
H&Y fans
Dodgy pubs in Retford
Thousands of Norwich scarves at Old Trafford every week
I'm still Wembleyless!

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