Many Happy Returns!

Today is the blogs 1st birthday, within the last year the website has had over 16,000 visitors (but you can take off at least 1000 with my own hits) and the 100 Football Grounds Club now has 65 members.

Many thanks to Ian, Rev Nick, Ally GB and a Spurs fan from Perth, Australia (Jack Warner, please get in touch) the original members, who were the first to submit their ground details, when I was trying to drum up some interest and get the site off the ground, and of course sincere gratitude to the next 60 stadiumitis fans who followed.

One year gone and hopefully many more to come, Cheers!

On the subject of birthdays, also celebrating today is the webmaster and author of this website along with my second offspring James (Smid jnr.)Happy 9th birthday to the bairn (and me).


Pieman said...

Birthday Greetings To Shaun, James and the site.

The 100 Football Grounds Club has certainly come along way in a year.

Has your Bread Knife baked a cake?

Shaun said...

No not the breadknife, but my Mam baked one for James.
I've been giving a great birthday present - the news that Kieron Dyer looks like he may be leaving the Toon, hope it comes true. (fingers crossed)

fitba daft said...

Many happy returns Shaun.