Ground Image Of The Month

This month’s image features a ground that sadly won’t see football action again, Scarborough FC were wound up at Leeds Crown Court on June 20th after the club had ran up debts of over £2.5M.
Boro played at the Athletic Ground, Seamer Road from 1898, starting life in the Northern League, they went on to play in the Midland League before becoming founder members of the Northern Premier League and then one of the original clubs of the Alliance Premier League (later Conference) in 1979.
The Seadogs became the first club to gain automatic promotion into the Football League in 1987, and in the following year the club made the unique move in selling the grounds naming rights to frozen food company McCain, the club enjoyed 12 years of League football, losing out on further promotion twice in the play-offs.
The McCain Stadium, Seamer Road becomes another one of the growing list of ‘lost’ grounds, but sadly the grounds hosts are no more, another club on the football history scrapheap, RIP Scarborough F.C.


Pieman said...

9 April 1988 - This was the day that the Pieman and Mark Toole completed what was then 'the 92', witnessing a League Division 4, 2-1 victory over Hereford United. Despite a few beers en route I do recall a decent afternoon out.

It is sad that the decline in fortunes has caused the current situation, particularly when considering that prior to entry into the Football League, Scarborough were one of the top non league clubs in the country with a very impressive FA Trophy record.

Shaun said...

My first visit was on the eve of the clubs debut in the Football League, a strong Newcastle side found themselves two down to a very efficent home side, it took the introduction of a young kid named Gazza, to inspire a comeback and earn an entertaining 2-2 draw.

Anonymous said...

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