Groundhoppers Union Meeting - Morecambe

October 13th 2007
Christie Park, Morecambe
Morecambe v Bradford City
Football League Two
(match now postponed)

The first get together for the members and friends of ‘The 100 Football Grounds Club’ will hopefully take place in sunny Morecambe on the above date, I’ve contacted several of you already with the suggestion of having a gathering, the purpose of which is to get together for a few drinks and be able to put faces to names and naturally attending a match at a new ground.
Looking at the fixture list this is the ideal date, I’d rather meet up this side of Christmas and the corresponding weekend is when there’s an international break, so there’s no games within the top two divisions and more chance of folks being able to attend.
Hopefully I can get a good squad together and make it an enjoyable event, please leave a comment in this post or email me at the usual address if there’s a strong possibility or even a slight chance you can attend.
Cheers! SS

P.S. Before anyone asks, the drinks aren’t on me, but maybe I’ll supply the pork scratchings. :-)

Update (20th June)

The editor of the local rag in Morecambe 'The Visitor' got in touch with me regarding the get together, they would like to do a piece for the town's weekly newspaper and arange a photo of us all, so this is great news, already we have local media interested, just have to get Sky, the Beeb and some tin-pot-local radio station involved and world domination is imminent.

Seriously though, many thanks to editor Glen Cooper for getting in touch, and we look forward to visiting Christie Park, home of one of the Football League's newest members.

Update (July 13th)

It's back to the drawing board, the match against Bradford City is now been brought forward to the previous night, Friday 12th October which means the members get together is now postponed until a later date.

When an alternative date is found, which will be suitable to everyone, I'll post details here as well as contact via email.


fitba daft said...

That weekend i was planning on going to Scotland v Ukraine Smid. Will wait and see how it suits everyone else before deciding what to do.

Anonymous said...

Scotland v Ukraine - this is where 90 minutes footie is surrounded by vast amounts of liquid refreshment - I read your previous International report Jamie!

fitba daft said...

It tends to be cambridge dustman :) Brilliant days out.

Anonymous said...

I'm up for that! I can't wait. I'm a bit surprised at the small response.
Let's hope MoreCome!

Shaun said...

It's a bit like that 'Field Of Dreams' film, but it's more like "if you sort it...THEY will come"

Jimmy Jazz said...

Hi Smid, I was about to mail you to ask if you were still on for this, and then I saw the game is postponed! A shame coz I had a couple of fellow Cobblers who wanted to tag along. Never mind, I'm sure we can tie something up later on.

Shaun said...

Cheers James! I'll keep you posted on any news.

Anonymous said...

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