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Great Stadia Toilets no.4 in a series of..........
The ones in the old Gallowgate End on the stairs

Entrance in to the old Gallowgate End at St James Park was at the back of the terrace,this meant a walk up several flights of stairs,the toilets were only noticable due to the black painted walls,with the word MEN painted black on a white square background at the entrance.There were five sets of stairways leading up into the Gallowgate End but no Ladies facilities (wifey's bogs eventually appeared next to the turnstiles) obviously the thought of a female going to a football match was unheard of when the ground was built in the late 19th Century.
It was a major inconvenience to go to the bog during the match,stories of people pissing in your pocket or pissing in a shoe aren't an urban myth,I remember on several occasions a sudden gap appearing,with people suddenly appearing to be running for their lives on the terraces,only to find a drunken Geordie proudly urinating his several pre-match Brown Ale for all to see,a bit like that 'Manneken Pis' statue in Brussels,but wearing a black and white shirt.

(Photograph taking by legendary photographer Stuart Clarke as part of his 'Homes of Football' series)

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fitba daft said...

I am hoping to get a photo of a 'bog' from my travels for you soon smid. I was going to take one a few weeks ago at Albion Rovers but felt a bit shifty taking a photo with people heading in and out! Will need to get in early.