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Great Stadia Toilets
N0.2 in a series of...
The ones at Prudhoe with the outside locks.
The second in a new regular feature inspired by the picture taking at the toilets at Ashtons Hurst Cross.
This football bog at Kimberley Park is maybe unique,there's bolts on the outside of the toilet doors but not on the inside,so how can you do your business with confidence?
There's that fear of getting locked inside,so I didn't pluck up the courage to make a visit until there was a major incident on the field,this meant everyone was distracted and I could sneak in and out unnoticed,mission accomplished! I emerged to find everyone still swearing at the referee so I got away with it,but one thing I did notice was no one else had the bottle to attempt such a daring task during the 90 minutes,except yours truly.


Anonymous said...

Feel free to include Nantwich Town's concrete cube with GENTS written in felt tip. I'll send you a photo, if you like!
If you keep this up there could well be a book in it. Someone published one recently on football dugouts.

Shaun said...

I've actually got a few more pictures in this series lined up,I saw the Nantwich Town one on your site and I've bookmarked it for a future post or maybe another one for the book ;-)