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Welcome to the 100 Football Grounds Club, a website dedicated to football fans who suffer the age old ailment of stadiumitis, as a life long sufferer myself, this blog helps cure my affliction, by sharing my views, thoughts and pictures of my football ground adventures, all written and presented with with usual crack!
This site is for real football fans, who have a passion for visiting football grounds and stadia, be it with the team you support or just as a casual fan who likes to see a match at as many venues as possible.
There's nothing like the experience of visiting a new football ground for the first time, the anticipation as you see the floodlights and stands in the distance, and the excitement as you enter the terrace or into the stand and see the football arena for the first time.

I used to mainly concentrate on seeing my favourite team Newcastle United on as many stadiums as possible, with the aim to eventually see them play at 100 different grounds, I achieved my goal in December 2003, but within the last few years I've grow frustrated at not getting to more new grounds,so I decided to attend more 'neutral' games and venture into the wonderfull world of the Non-League scene.
I started this website to blog my visits to the new grounds I visit, but I opened the site up to fellow football fans with the same interest, to share their information on the grounds they've visited, and so within this I've set up a 'Groundhoppers Union' as I like to call it...'The 100 Football Grounds Club' where the main criteria is to attend a match at over 100 grounds, be it league, non-league, cup games, friendlies, in fact anywhere in the world.
All contributors and members all have the same things in common, the love of the beautiful game and the 'stadiumitis bug' an infection that continues to spread into a football plague but without any antidode, if your a sufferer I'm here to help :-)
If you've been to over 100 grounds and would like to become a member of our happy band of fans then please get in touch.
Hope you enjoy the site, Cheers!!!

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Julian Ware-Lane said...

Do games at any level count? I ask as I referee and have passed the thousand mark on the number of games I have done (as referee, assistant, and fourth official). Nowadays it is all park pitches and recreation grounds - do these count?

Shaun said...

Down to Step 7 of the Non-League pyramid.