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 If you would like to get in touch regarding meeting up for matches, or if you would like to advertise on the 100FgC website then please feel free to e-mail me at this address


Hoppingmad said...

excellent site, been to over 100 grounds, but do i have proof, no way, but anyway keep it going.


Anonymous said...

great site,but how about visitin kirkbymoorside afc sometime?we play in the wearside league,but hope to progress to the northern league,when we have done the ground improvements needed.

Roca said...

Myfc has 3800 members.
Rest of the Ebbsfleet and other articles are great!

The Onion Bag said...

great site - please feel free to add my blog - i have added you to mine and will follow your reports.

Scot_TFC said...

Fantastic Blog Shaun, im not a ground hopper but your blog makes great reading, so keep up the good work. Here's hoping you managed to visit my beloved Tamworth FC at some point in the near future as i look forward to my trip to 'Heed in October.

Keep Up The Good Work.
Tamworth Fan

Shaun said...

Train is already booked for Tamworth v Heed in November Scot_TFC.

Rhys Hartley (Cardiff) said...

Heard about the site on Radio 4 this afternoon. Done 160 different grounds in 28 different countries, aged only 16.
Keep up the site; nice to know I'm not the only sad person out there. ;)

Shaun said...

Thanks Rhys.
If you would like to join the 100FgC, then please get in touch.


toasis said...

I clocked up my 100th ground yesterday at Histon. It has taken me 38 years to get to this landmark from my first game at The Goldstone Ground in 1973 to my 340th yesterday. A long journey through all four divisions, non-league, overseas and internationals. In that time I've taken in both the home and away El Classico's, QPR's glory and far from glory days, 6 FA Cup Finals, 1 League Cup Final and stood in crowds as few as 20 at County football level. Now that I no longer play football (I hung up my boots at 47), I expect to get through my next century of grounds a little faster!

paul whelan said...

Shaun, you seem a bit old to be one of the "bandwagon" mags after Keegan , therefore i presume like me you were one of the 16,000 who used to attend home games in the 80s and early 90s.NUFC like every other team since Sky has lost its soul to greed, i long for those special days when we felt a special affinity with "our club".Non league footie is now my way, with Alnwick my personal choice.Do you feel those non and lower league teams have a bond with the fans like we used to have?
Great site but i hope the Prem bubble bursts and footie comes home to the conmmon masn again!!Cheers Paul in Powburn,24/02/2011

Anonymous said...

Shaun, great site.

When do you plan to return to Newton Aycliffe - ground has changed a lot since you were last there in July 2009!

dave michaels, 129 said...

Just been to Nou Camp, Barcelona. What an experience. I just couldn't believe my eyes what I have seen there. The amount of cups alone (in the museum)is absolutely astonishing. And the height of the stands made me feel a bit dizzy, and I was only half way up. Highly recommended ground to visit and the admission fee of 18 euros was really good value. Unlike over here, you can just turn up and pay at the entrance. Highly recommended.

Huggy said...

Great site.
My mate Tony has visted over 200 grounds.
Of he 92 leauge clubs he has visted 89,this might sound good,but what makes more astounding is that he has achieved it by just watching Hull City,Blackpool and Leeds United.
The three grounds he needs are Aldershot,Brighton (new stadium) and Gillingham.
He would of wrote this article himself but he does not have a computer.

tMS_news said...

Great Blog....I remember when i could afford to go ground hopping!

Appreciate it if you could add a link to www.themondaysupplement.co.uk - daily football stories....Satirical look at the days football headlines.

Let me know what you think.

Shaun said...

tms news

link added in the 'other football sites/blogs' section.

Cumbriangroundhopper said...

Excellent I am a Carlisle Fan doing the English 92 and Scottish 42 Currently sit 88 and 21 In scotland I have no blog Site but you can view my Photos @ http://carlisleprogrammes.webs.com/groundphotos

only need Spurs Swansea Ipswich and AFC Wimbledon

Fish said...

Great site have been reading for over a year now. I have currently been to 106 grounds and have just set up my own blog any chance you could link to it from your site
groundhoppingfish.blogspot.com/ I have added yours to mine.
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

cant believe you havent been to our ground mate, crook town afc. best ground in the northern league.

Shaun said...

Of course I've been to Millfield. November 2003.

Non League Betting said...

Great Blog Shaun, please could you add my site to your links and I would be happy to return the favour.

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